2016: Adventure – Life to Its Fullest

2015 was a year of adjusting to the new parameters defining my life – it was the first year after my dad passed away. I have adopted only one resolution for 2016: Adventure – Life to Its Fullest.

This resolution was born from a Twitter trending hashtag Р#NewYearsResolutionin5Words  and upon reflection of the year without my dad. He lost a short battle with cancer Рliving only 8 months after diagnosis Рonly 18 months of retirement. His only wish at the end was that he had lived longer to see more of the joys of life. His wish has become my vocation, my purpose, and my plan.

I plan to fulfill this resolution by:

  • Loving
  • Being
  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Photographing
  • Journaling/Blogging
  • Growing
  • Changing
  • Living Life to Its Fullest